What are “Teeth in a Day?”

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If you’ve recently lost teeth or will lose teeth in the near future, you’re probably wondering how to get your beautiful smile back as soon as possible.

You should be familiar with the long 5-8 month waiting period if you’ve already looked into dentures and dental implants. Boo! Nobody should have to go through such a long period without a nice big smile. 

Thankfully, there are solutions offered by modern dental offices that can give you your smile back not in 5-8 months, but on the same day!

What are “Teeth in a Day?”dentist describing dental implants

“Teeth in a day,” better known as same-day implants, are immediate dental solutions for people who have recently lost some or all of their teeth. 

The process is simple. You book a consultation for the process and schedule a date for the procedure. Following that consultation, your teeth are extracted and then your implants are inserted on the same day! No waiting period, no missing teeth, and no hassles!

Not every dental practice is capable of producing teeth in a day. The practice must own modern, state-of-the-art equipment that can produce the teeth in-house. Everything is done at the dental practice, start to finish, without the help of a third party.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day

There are many benefits to getting same-day dental implants; some are obvious and some are not. 

The most obvious benefit of teeth in a day is that you get to walk out of the office with your new teeth the same day they get extracted. That alone should be the only thing you need to hear!

Naturally, there are other benefits to same-day dental implants that will improve your life. Because same-day implants are made in-house, the dentist has full control over the creation of the implants. They ensure the quality of the implants from start to finish. The result? 99% client satisfaction! Your implants will be custom-made and account for every nuance, curve, and shape in your mouth. 

The last primary benefit of same-day dental implants is the quick recovery period. The soft tissue within your mouth can repair faster and the process helps prevent bacteria from entering the sockets of extracted teeth. 

How to Get Teeth in a Daydentist working on somebody's teeth

Getting teeth in a day is not a hard process! It’s important to note that you can’t walk into any dental practice and expect to get same-day implants, same-day dentures, or any other specialized service. You need to go to a modern dental office with an in-house lab. The lab needs to be in the dental practice, otherwise, you’ll need to wait!

Advanced dental practices, such as Nova Implant Centre, offer these services to Ottawa residents. Same-day implants, immediate dentures, and other services are all offered by Ottawa’s cornerstone dental office and in-house lab!

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Are you ready to rediscover your smile? Our team at Nova Implant Centre is renowned in the Ottawa region for its customer service, efficient work, and quick turnaround. We provide Ottawa’s best dental services at the best prices. 

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