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Not everybody qualifies for same-day implants. Read more about the qualifying factors that contribute to your same-day implant eligibility. Learn more here about the differences between same-day dental implants and traditional implants.

Permanent Same Day Teeth

Vs Traditional

Modern medical advancements in the dental implant field are extremely impressive, allowing us to now offer same day dental implants for the general public!

The typical timeline for normal dental implants was approximately 10 months with the healing periods between the tooth extraction, implant insertion and crown placement.

You now have the option of avoiding months of procedures for your dental implants, and have everything completed with one trip to your dentist.

With same day implants you will save an incredible amount of time. We have an initial consultation to make sure you are an ideal candidate and a follow up checkup after your procedure, but the denture placement will be performed in one appointment, on the same day of your tooth extractions.

Save yourself time and stress with same day dental implants!

Permanent Same Day Teeth

Advantages of
Same-Day Dental Implants

In a recent study, the National Centre for Biotechnology found the success rate between normal dental implants and same-day dental implants is statistically insignificant. There are plenty of additional advantages to same-day implants including:

The immediate results and lack of surgical steps are two major reasons to choose same-day dental implants.

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Same-Day Vs Traditional Implant

Same-day dental implants, also known as immediate implants, involve the placement of a dental implant and a temporary crown or restoration on the same day as tooth extraction. This method is distinct from conventional dental implants, which are often placed several months after the tooth is extracted to give the socket time to heal. Same-day implantation shortens the treatment period, accelerating the process.

The primary advantage of opting for same-day implants is the significant time savings. Patients who choose traditional implants must wait a number of months between tooth extraction and implant implantation. As opposed to traditional implants, which require multiple appointments, same-day implants allow patients to acquire a new tooth or teeth in a single visit, minimizing recovery time and the inconvenience of wearing a temporary fix.

While same-day dental implants offer numerous benefits, they may not be suitable for all individuals. Candidature is based on a number of variables, including the condition of the patient’s remaining jawbone, their general health, and their particular dental issue. To ascertain whether a patient is a good candidate for same-day implants, or if conventional implants or alternative procedures are more suitable, a consultation with a dental specialist is required.

Many patients find that they experience less discomfort with same-day implants compared to traditional implants. Same-day implants eliminate the need for several surgical operations and lengthy healing times, thus there tends to be less pain and discomfort following surgery. Individual outcomes may differ, but pain management techniques will still be used to guarantee a comfortable healing phase for both patients receiving same-day implants and those receiving traditional implants.

Permanent Same Day Teeth

Are Same-Day
Implants Right
For You?

Almost every procedure, dental or otherwise are going to be available to certain candidates and not others. According to Authority Dental and ideal patient that qualifies for dental plant is: