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Getting dentures for the first time can be an uncomfortable and stressful experience. The need to replace some or all of your teeth can irk many in difficult ways. That’s why you should have a denture consultation first. Your concerns and worries can be eased with the help of an experienced professional. The unknowns that trouble you can be cleared away with a single free consultation. Visit our clinic and our team of talented and genial denturists will get you started on this journey.


What Is A Denture Consultation?


A denture consultation is a meeting with a patient and a dentist or prosthodontist to talk over the solutions available for replacing missing teeth with dentures. The oral health specialist will give you an examination to determine what you need and inform you of the dentures that can help you.


The Process of A Denture Consultation

denture consultation patient

Dental History

The first step in a denture consultation is the collation of your oral health history by the dentist. This will include all data relevant to your current oral health and the state of the dentures you currently have.


Oral Examination

The next step in the process is an examination of your mouth, gums, jaws, bite, and remaining teeth. This is used to determine your suitability for dentures and what kind of dentures can help fix your problem.


Specific Needs

Then, the dentist will take note of the particular functions you desire from your dentures. This is where you inform your dentist if you have some concerns about the functionality or the aesthetics of your prosthetic teeth. They will show you the available denture options and explain each of them to you.


Test Model

Your bite impressions and registrations will also be taken during the consultation. They will be used to create a customized denture based on the type of denture you select. A wax model of the dentures is then constructed for you to test out the fit.



Finally, the oral health specialist will walk you through the financial side of the denture implantation procedure. If you need a treatment plan, the dentist will show you the available ones to choose from.


After The Consultation Is Complete

If you still have any concerns or questions at the end of the denture consultation, you can ask the dentist. This will help you know more and alleviate any fears you have about the procedure.


Questions You Should Ask


During the consultation, here are some questions you should ask your dentist

denture consultation model

  • How much time do I need to get used to the dentures?
  • How do I keep my dentures clean?
  • How frequently should I come in for adjustments?
  • When do the dentures need to be replaced?
  • Do the dentures come with a warranty?


Nova Dentures is here to help restore your oral faculties with cutting-edge dentistry. Restoring your smile and your self-assurance is our ultimate goal and we have the dentures to get the job done.