Maintaining Dental Implant Health: Tips for Longevity

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Maintaining dental implant health is crucial for both your long-term oral health and your ability to smile with confidence. Dental implants are a fantastic tooth replacement option that provides both natural-looking aesthetics and functionality. But to maintain their best health over time, they need careful maintenance just like real teeth do.

In this blog, the team at Nova Implant Centre will go through a few tips for maintaining dental implant health.


Regular Oral Hygiene


Excellent oral care is essential for dental implants to last a lifetime. Make sure to use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently yet thoroughly clean your teeth twice a day. Make an effort to clean the plaque and germs from the regions near the dental implants. Additionally, it’s critical to floss or use interdental brushes every day to clean in between your implants and natural teeth to avoid food debris and plaque buildup.


Professional Cleaning


Your dental implants’ health depends on regular trips to the dentist or dental hygienist. When compared to routine brushing and flossing, these specialists can reach and clean places that are hard to access. During periodic examinations, they can also keep an eye on the stability of your implants and the general health of your gums.


Avoid Tobacco Products


Dental implants are seriously endangered by smoking and other tobacco use. They can impede the recovery from implant surgery and raise the risk of implant failure. The lifespan of your dental implants will increase if you stop or avoid these behaviours, which will also be good for your general oral health.


Healthy Diet


Oral health and the durability of dental implants are greatly influenced by proper diet. Eat a healthy, balanced diet that is high in fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. These meals include vital nutrients that help your body recover and maintain strong bones and gums, which are necessary for implant stability.


Avoid Chewing on Hard Objects


Although resilient, dental implants are not unbreakable. Avoid biting on hard objects like popcorn kernels, ice, pens, or pencils since this might place too much pressure on your dental implants and natural teeth, perhaps leading to fractures or damage. Eat only things that are good for your teeth’s health.


Wear a Mouthguard


Wearing a mouthguard is crucial if you engage in contact sports or have a history of grinding your teeth at night. Dental implants can experience tremendous force from teeth grinding (bruxism), which can cause problems. Your natural teeth and dental implants can both be shielded from harm by a custom-fitted mouthguard.


Attend Regular Check-ups


Maintaining the health and quality of your dental implants requires routine checkups with your dentist. In addition to examining the stability of the implants and the condition of your gums, your dentist will address any worries or problems you may be experiencing. These regular checkups also give the chance for expert cleaning, which promotes the health and longevity of your dental implants.


Follow Post-Surgery Instructions


A good implant healing process depends on you following the post-surgery recommendations that your oral surgeon or dentist gave you. This could entail using prescription drugs, adhering to a particular diet, staying away from particular hobbies, and caring for your teeth. Your dental implants will last longer if you follow these guidelines since they are intended to promote healing and lower the chance of issues.


Manage Health Conditions


Your ability to maintain dental implants over time depends on your ability to effectively manage any underlying medical issues. Diabetes and autoimmune illnesses are two conditions that might have an impact on your mouth’s general health and healing capacity. Work closely with your medical professionals to control these issues and maximize your body’s capacity for healing and implant maintenance.


Stay Hydrated


Your oral health, including the health of your dental implants, will benefit if you consume enough water. Water encourages salivation, which helps to keep your mouth clean and lowers the risk of infections near the implants. A straightforward yet powerful strategy to promote your oral health and the durability of your dental implants is to stay hydrated.


Nova Implant Centre – Ottawa’s Dental Implant Experts


To enjoy a confident smile and ensure the lifespan of your dental investments, it is essential to prioritize and actively participate in activities that focus on maintaining dental implant health. For people looking for a long-lasting and aesthetically acceptable tooth replacement, dental implants are an amazing option. Your dental implants will last longer if you adopt a regimen of good oral hygiene, frequent professional cleanings, abstain from bad habits like smoking and teeth grinding, and respond quickly to any problems. Therefore, adopt these suggestions and make preserving dental implant health a top priority, whether you’re starting your dental implant journey or trying to improve the care of your current implants. Your grin will appreciate your effort.

Are you prepared to make the investment in a lifetime of secure smiles and excellent dental health? Please contact us at Nova Implant Centre to help you along your path of preserving the health of your dental implants and guaranteeing their lifespan. Make an appointment for a consultation with our knowledgeable staff to discuss your dental implant choices and discover more about how to take care of your smile. Make maintaining dental implant health your top priority by getting in touch with Nova Implant Centre right now!


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