How Long is the Dental Implant Recovery Process?

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The dental implant recovery process is the last part of receiving a dental implant. When it is over, your prosthetic teeth will look identical to your natural teeth and allow you to eat, talk, and smile with confidence.


A dental implant procedure is just like any other surgery, you need time to recover when it is complete. The question usually is; how much time?


Hence the team at Nova Implants would like you to know just how long the healing time dental implants can be.


Initial Recovery


In the immediate aftermath of dental implant surgery, you should expect some uncomfortable symptoms. Signs like swelling, pain, and persistent bleeding are normal and should be expected.


Those initial symptoms can be managed with pain relief medication and post-operative care. After three days, they should subside. If the pain, swelling, and bleeding continue to persist after that period, please contact your dentist.


Second Stage Recoverywoman satisfied with dental implants


After the swelling, pain, and bleeding of the first three days subside, you need to wait seven to ten more days after the initial healing. After this point, you can resume eating normal food. However, your dentist might advise against that and have you stick with soft foods for a longer period (about a month).


Final Recovery


After the initial trauma of the installation is healed, the jaw bone begins to fuse with the base of the dental implant. Before the final attachment can be made, the fusion needs to be complete. Otherwise, you risk a significant setback and injury to the affected area.


This part of the dental implant recovery process takes about three to six months. When complete, the base of the implant will be fully fused to the jaw and the gum tissue around the area in question will have fully healed as well.


At this point, the dentist will be able to place the prosthetic teeth or dental bridge on the implant. The implant will hold it in place for as long as needed.


Factors That Affect The Dental Implant Recovery Process


Several issues can influence the amount of time you spend healing after a dental procedure. Some of them may fall out of your control but others do and require your vigilance to not exacerbate the problem.


The required procedure can affect how long your recovery takes. If only one or two teeth need to be replaced, the procedure is relatively short and recovery will be quick too. However, if a large number of teeth need to be replaced, the procedure and recovery will take a significant amount of time. Also if bone grafts are required to fortify your jaw, that adds four to six months before the implant can be installed.


The recovery time can be reduced by a significant amount if you stick to the dentist’s post-operative instructions. You should take any required medications and use cold compresses and ice packs to handle the swelling. Maintaining your oral health is also essential to your recovery. When you need to sleep, use extra pillows to keep your head elevated when you are eating after dental implants


You should avoid things like smoking and excessive drinking after receiving an implant as these activities tend to significantly hamper the dental implant recovery process.


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The dental implant recovery process takes time, effort, and patience. The result of restoring your facial profile and your ability to eat, smile, and talk without anxiety is worth it.

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