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Different Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing Missing Teeth

Replacing missing teeth is necessary to maintain a patient’s oral health, function, and self-esteem. With teeth missing in a person’s mouth, the remaining teeth are unstable and can create trouble in eating and speaking.


Thankfully, dental medicine has made many advances and now there are many tooth replacement options available for patients. Hence, the team at Nova Implants would like you to know the different options for replacing missing teeth.

Dental Implants

Replacing Missing Teeth implant

A common option for replacing missing teeth, dental implants are small anchors made of titanium that are surgically implanted into a patient’s jaw. After the implant fuses into the bone, an abutment is placed on it. Then, it serves as a stable foundation for a replacement tooth.


Dental implants are permanent solutions that can last lifetimes with careful treatment. They are considered the most stable option with the best longevity but their cost and suitability make them less suitable for the general population.



If you need to replace multiple teeth with a single implant, then dental bridges are the better choice. Unlike dental implants that can only replace one tooth at a time, bridges consist of two or more replacement teeth that are attached to natural teeth adjacent to the gap. The replacement teeth are called pontics and the natural teeth that anchor the pontics are called abutments. To ensure the teeth fit better, the abutments are filed down and shaped to accommodate the bridge.


Like dental implants, bridges can last for a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance. Any damage to the bridge or adjoining teeth should be examined immediately to ensure the prosthetic has not been compromised.



Replacing Missing Teeth dentureWhile dental implants provide a permanent solution, dentures are removable prosthetics that are vital in replacing multiple missing teeth or a full arch of missing teeth. Dentures comprise a base made of acrylic or plastic and artificial teeth that are designed to look like natural teeth. The base can fit over the natural gums in the mouth and provide the same functions as natural teeth.


Dentures can be qualified as full or partial, depending on the number of teeth they were made to replace. 

  • Full dentures are used in replacing a full arch of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw or both simultaneously. They are anchored in the mouth by the gums and either suction or a denture adhesive.
  • Partial dentures replace some missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. They comprise a framework of acrylic or metal that the replacement teeth are attached to.


Dentures require regular maintenance and checkups to ensure that they maintain their functions. This is especially important as you get used to dentures. Your mouth will adjust to the prosthetic’s presence and that can shift its position and compromise the fit.


Dental Crowns

They may not be as good for replacing missing teeth, however, dental crowns still provide valuable functionality for people of all ages.


A dental crown is a prosthetic that is used to envelop the visible part of a tooth and restore its appearance and function. They can replace a missing tooth but they can also be used to repair teeth that are damaged from decay, impacts, or other harmful encounters. Tooth decay and physical damage can be rectified by a dental crown with ease and without much discomfort.


Nova Implant Centre – Ottawa’s Dental Implant Experts

The options for replacing missing teeth are varied, each with its own merits and demerits. Your particular situation with regard to missing teeth, location, budget, etc, will inform the choice of dental repair you will receive. With good oral practices and regular dental appointments, your dental prosthetics will serve you for as long as you need them.

Please contact us if you need any help replacing missing teeth. Nova Implant Centre provides the best dental prostheses and dental care in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Our same-day procedures allow you to receive quick and effective services as soon as possible. Our team of trained and licensed professionals is here to help you every step of the way to ensure your dental needs are met.