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Nova Implant Centre in Ottawa is proud to offer exceptional bone grafting services for patients seeking dental implant solutions. Nova Implant Centre is dedicated to offering the best care and exceptional results with our team of highly qualified dental specialists and cutting-edge facilities. Whether you need a bone augmentation or a complicated grafting treatment, our skilled specialists use cutting-edge methods and materials to provide the best possible bone regeneration.

Nova Implant Centre promotes strong and healthy bone formation, laying the groundwork for successful dental implant placement while expertly restoring smiles and improving oral health. Trust Nova Implant Centre for unrivalled bone grafting services in Ottawa.

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Bone Grafting Techniques

There are a variety of techniques for bone grafting:

Onlay Grafting: involves placing bone “on” the surface of the deficiency. Bone particulate is layered to build up the area of the bony defect.

Sinus Grafting: The bone is placed on the floor of the maxillary sinus behind the cheekbone to add to the height of the bone in the upper back premolar and molar regions. This can be done through the outer wall of the sinus or through the site of the implant depending on the circumstances and placement.

A dental bone graft is usually a safe and effective procedure. However, it is important to consult reliable dental experts such as Nova Implant Centre for lasting results. Contact us today to enquire about your bone regeneration options.

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Answers to
Same-Day Denture FAQs

The main difference between Same-Day dentures and conventional dentures is that Same-Day dentures are only meant to be a temporary solution for missing teeth. 

Same-Day dentures, otherwise referred to as “Immediate dentures” are placed in your mouth the same day as your teeth are extracted. They will serve as a temporary set of dentures until the healing process is complete and you can then wear your permanent dentures.

Immediate dentures should be kept in for 24-48 hours after your tooth extraction surgery, without taking them out. Taking your Same-Day dentures out during this period can make it difficult to put them back in due to the swelling.

After the initial 48 hour period, you should continue to wear your dentures but you’ll be able to remove them for cleaning and to give your gums a rest.

The time it takes to make a set of temporary dentures varies from one dental clinic to the next. However, it will typically take a week or two to create your Immediate denture at most clinic. This may involve several trips to the dentist while they’re being made.

Since they are made before your tooth extraction procedure, your Same-Day dentures will be ready to go when you get your teeth out.


It’s important to note that Same-Day dentures aren’t necessary, however, they do make the tooth extraction process much simpler.

If you’re only getting a few teeth extracted, your dentist might not recommend Immediate dentures. However, if you’re doing a full extraction, your dentist will likely suggest Same-Day dentures. If you have a strong gag-reflex, Same-Day dentures might not be right for you.

Same-Day dentures, or Immediate dentures are designed to only be temporary. They are typically worn for a maximum of 6-8 months until the arrival of a permanent denture.

It’s important to note that your temporary dentures will likely need to be relined throughout the healing process to make your denture more comfortable. Although it’s a temporary solution, Same-Day dentures can last just as long as conventional or permanent dentures – we don’t advise on long-term use of Same-Day dentures.

The main benefit of getting Same-Day dentures is that they’re quick and convenient. Immediate dentures  protect your gum tissues and also help control bleeding.

One of the biggest reasons patients opt for getting Same-Day dentures is to avoid walking around in public with no teeth. A set of Immediate dentures will help you keep the function of your teeth to eat, speak, and smile confidently while you’re waiting for your permanent dentures.